Gather round loves….

I know, I know. Cheesy. But I honestly feel like we don’t give ourselves the space to say the puns, tell the “weird” jokes, talk about the books we love (and that we don’t love), talk about the loves we lost…all of it. There’s something special about gathering round to get real. And when I gather with people I trust, MY PEOPLE, I can be myself and do just that. I let loose. I say the uncomfortable thing. I set myself free. And 99% of the time, when someone decides to be themselves, it sets other people free too.

We think… “Oh thank God, I don’t have to pretend here. I can be me.” And that’s what this corner of the internet is. It’s brunch with your friends, but make it substack.

When I hang with my friends, we talk about it all. We share what we loved that week, what we went through, what we wish we didn’t go through, we ask for advice, we share advice. It’s an exchange unlike any other, and you walk away feeling renewed, seen, supported, and maybe even inspired. That’s my hope with this newsletter.

As an Author, I love to write, and you may have seen some of my posts on a myriad of social channels, but I don’t get to connect with you the way I’d like to regularly. Yes, I’m a self-healing educator, an author, and a meditation teacher. But I’m all those things and more, just like you. And to share in those things together is incredibly special and also fun.

We’ll talk about TV shows, and recent thriller reads, and try to perfect pie recipes that I’ll never actually eat because I don’t actually like pie. I just like to make them for people I love. All of it will be through the lens of joy. That’s what we’re all reaching for and working to hold on to anyway.

My point is we are complex. I wanted a space to share the musings, the books, the writings, the thoughts, the theories…but even better, I wanted a space to hear from you too. To hear your questions, to answer them with intention, love, and support. To share what I know and to share what I know for sure that I don’t.

You’ll get the most out of this gathering by being a paid gatherer, I mean it’s less than the croissant you get with your coffee or tea! And as a girl who loves to find a deal myself, for $50 a year you get it all.

Free Gatherers Will Have Access To:

  • Book Reviews + Interviews w/ authors

  • An occasional newsletter which could be a love story, could be a recipe for tea that calms the nervous system, or could be all of the above.

Paid Gatherers Will:

  • Receive a Weekly downloads of a favorite book, podcast, healing tool, or perhaps a new restaurant. I want this to be just like it would if we gathered in real life at brunch. We’d talk about all the things and share all the links. It’s Sunday brunch with friends, but via Substack :). A spread for writers and readers x

  • Be able to submit questions for my Monthly Advice Column + read my replies

  • Have behind the scenes drafts for books, retreats, and all things creativity

  • Have opportunities to share your creative work

  • Have access to the archive

I’ve healed while reading books about fictitious characters. I’ve healed through heart-wrenching stories I’ve witnessed others tell that I’ve never experienced myself, but that touched some part of me. The part of me that I think we all have within that knows I don’t have to experience what you did to see you. And you don’t have to experience what I did to see me. And that’s why we gather. To witness, to celebrate, to encourage, to share.

And that’s the beauty of life for me. I love the real. I love the vulnerable. I love the cheesy. I love the food. I also love the joy.


If you’ve just found me and you’re wondering who the hell I am, you’re in luck! I’m just like you, a human who is learning more and more each day, that there’s so much I’m glad I know and so much I’m still learning. Born and raised in New York City, I’m an Air Force Veteran who recognized my gift for holding space and healing, and I combined that gift with my love of writing. I’m the author of the book, The Sugar Jar, and have a new book coming out soon!

I’ve been featured everywhere from the Today Show to InStyle Magazine, and I’m grateful to say many other places as well. Here’s more about me.

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